Avura MICRO3

Avura MICRO3

Ozonics Hunting

Put the Oxidizing Power of Ozonics to work in your vehicle with the NEW car charger unit.
The Avura Micro3 is perfect for removing offensive and unwanted odors from your car, truck, RV, Boat, or UTV.  The powerful Avura Micro3 safely produces ozone molecules that aggressively sanitize your vehicle’s interior and surfaces by attacking bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more. 
For use in unoccupied vehicles or spaces only.
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Pure And Simple

Sanitation and Odor Control on the Go

Avura ozone is now available in a portable plug-in unit in for your car. The MICRO3 produces ozone to remove your vehicle of odors and smells, and keeps your car smelling fresh and clean.


Designed for use in vehicles, the Micro3 harnesses the power of ozone to remove unwanted odors and attack harmful bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. The Micro can be used in a wide range of unoccupied vehicles, including cars, trucks and RVs

  • 3-Stage Cleaning: Deodorizes, Sanitizes & Purifies
  • Natural, Residue-Free Ozone Technology
  • 99.9% Effective Against Airborne Viruses
  • Destroys Flu & COVID-19
  • Eliminates Dangerous & Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Kills Microscopic Surface & Airborne Pathogens
  • Patented PulseTECH™ Technology
  • Plugs In to 12v Outlet
  • LED Indicator
  • Auto Shut Off

    The Avūra Pulse uses the power of ozone to remove the toughest smells, including odors from cigarette smoke, litter box, garbage, stale food and milk, pet urine and poop, dead animals and stinky clothing. Deodorize your entire home safely with Avūra ozone.


    The ozone generated by the Avūra Pulse will also sanitize your home from volatile organic compounds, including mold, bacteria and viruses such as all types of influenza, the common cold and more. Sanitize your home safely with Avūra ozone.


    The Avūra Pulse can also be used to purify your home by effectively removing airborne allergens and irritants and pathogenic organisms. This can help ease symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. Purify the air in your home safely with Avūra ozone.

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The Avura Micro3 features a patented technology that delivers safe concentrations of ozone into the air in short, controlled durations to deodorize without harming your home's interior, furniture, carpet, fabrics or plastics.

  • Variable Ozone Output
  • Safe Controlled Microdoses
  • Protects Vehicle Surfaces
  • Protects Interior Fabrics
  • Protects Platics


The MICRO3 is easy to use with a simple four-step process. Simply plug in to turn on, let it run for up to 20 minutes, aerate the vehicle and then get on the road.

Please note, Avura products are designed for use in unoccupied vehicles only.

  • Plug the unit into an unoccupied vehicle's 12v auxiliary outlet (aka cigartte lighter adapter).
  • A green LED light will glow when in use, and the unit will automatically shut off after 20 mins.
  • Let the vehicle aerate for 5-10 minutes to allow the ozone convert back to oxygen before getting back in.
  • Jump in your car and enjoy the freshness! To run a 2nd cycle, just unplug and re-start the process.

    Most modern cars have 12v outlets that only work when the key is on or car is running. This will prevent you from using the Micro3 while your car is off.


    To use your Micro3 without the car on, you can make a simple change in the fuse box. Refer to your vehicle's owner manual to find your fuse box.


    The SC40 fuse that powers your 12v outlet is connected to the 15 power pin, which means it only draws power when the ignition is on or car is running.


    Take the SC40 fuse and move it up one location so that it connects to the 30 power pin. This change will make the 12v outlet work when the car is off.


Technical Specs

  • Powered by 12-volt power outlet
  • 2"W x 1.75"H x 4"L
  • 2.2 oz
  • 20-min run cycle
  • LED indicator
  • Auto shut off


  • 1-year warranty from date of purchase on Avura Pulse
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  • International: Standard and Expedited Shipping to Canada
  • Free returns worldwide
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