Does Ozonics Really Work?

Does Ozonics Really Work?

The answer is YES! To understand the power of Ozonics and how it will change the way you hunt, you must first understand the science behind ozone.


Ozone is not something that the hunting industry invented, but Ozonics is the first hunting company to harness the power of ozone to alter, reduce, and eliminate human odor!

An oxygen molecule (O2) is relatively stable, ozone (O3) is very unstable and seeks to revert to its more stable state as oxygen (O2).  As a result, ozone readily bonds and reacts with other compounds, including human odor.  When this oxidation process occurs, some compounds are completely destroyed, and others are completely transformed.  Animals might detect these new compounds, but they do not associate them with humans, and as a result, are not threatened.  Ozonics patented technology has shown that ozone can destroy and alter airborne odors, and Ozonics can dramatically decrease the amount of human odor in your downwind scent zone (scent stream) when the two come in contact and react at a molecular level.  Just as 2 + 2 always equals 4, human odor is always altered, reduced, and destroyed in the presence of the right amount of ozone for the right amount of time.

Therefore, yes it works! Ozonics is no gimmick, it utilizes a proven scientific and patented methodology to harness ozone in an effort to improve your odds of getting that bruiser you have been waiting for all season.



Deer are conditioned learners; they learn based on their environment and the conditions presented to them within that environment.  When a deer smells the presence of human, the olfactory system in its nose relays the message of danger to its brain causing missed opportunities to fill your freezer instead of fresh venison steaks. Scent is our preys’ biggest defense, and the slightest smell of ‘human’ triggers the deer to run.

But when the ozone produced from an Ozonics unit comes in contact with your odor, it oxidizes and changes the molecular structure of your odor molecule. The Ozonics machine completely destroys or dramatically alters the hunter’s scent, and the deer are no longer able to utilize its olfactory systems to alert them of danger.  The moment you understand downwind animals can no longer smell you is the moment you stop hunting the wind and start hunting the deer.



So, you know the science and the benefits, but is Ozonics worth the investment? With Ozonics you no longer have to hunt the right stand, on the right day, with the right wind.  Ozonics allows you to hunt without having to sit for hours only for that monster bruiser to circle downwind and bust you.  With Ozonics you have more opportunities, more freedom, and fewer disappointments. Because of Ozonics you are no longer limited by wind direction, giving you the freedom to chase the buck of your dreams.

Think about your favorite piece of hunting ground.  Now ask yourself where you would set stands for the wind and where you would set stands for the deer.  Even better, think about mid-November, the peak of the rut.  What tree stand or blind would you sit for the wind and what spot would you sit for the deer?  In both situations, the answers couldn’t be further apart.  What if you could make those decisions based around the deer and not the wind?  Think about the opportunities that could present.  With Ozonics you can leverage the power of ozone to help create opportunities that would have never been available otherwise.  It is possible with Ozonics.  Good luck out there!

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