How To Control Your Scent in Every Weather Situation

How To Control Your Scent in Every Weather Situation


When the weather gets bad, some hunters pack up and go home.  Others try to battle the conditions but come up empty handed.  If you play your cards right, you can get the buck you are after no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

It’s not too difficult to control your scent and go undetected when it is 55 degrees and calm.  But we can not control the weather.  The perfect weather days are few and far between.  So how do you control your scent and maximize your hunting opportunities when the weather conditions take a turn for the worse?  With these tips, you will be able to go undetectable in every weather situation.


As hunters, we have a love/hate relationship with the wind.  One minute it’s helping us and the next minute it is ruining the day.  Strong and swirling winds can render your scent control techniques futile and send your odor right where you least want it to be, up a whitetail’s nose!

We have all been told a million times how important it is to be hunting the wind.  But the wind will often help the buck you are after more than it will help you.  With an ozone generator, like Ozonics, windy conditions can become your friend and not your enemy.  Here’s how to get the most out of your Ozonics unit in windy conditions.

  1. Place your Ozonics 4-6 inches overhead (instead of the standard 8-12 inches in normal wind conditions). Make sure the placement of your Ozonics does not interfere with the draw of your bow.
  2. Make sure to always run your Ozonics unit in Boost mode in an open-air environment like your treestand.
  3. Always be double checking that you are exhausting the ozone from your Ozonics in the downwind direction. And adjust the downward angle of your Ozonics unit as close to you as possible.
  4. Chase the wind - Redirect the ozone output as the wind changes directions, making sure to always keep the ozone being exhausted in the downwind direction.

By following these four simple tips, you can overcome strong and swirling wind conditions.  Ozonics can help create more opportunities on windy days and prove without a shadow of a doubt that it is the best scent elimination for hunting.



Your Ozonics unit should never be used in any type of wet weather situation heavier than a dense fog or light snow.  Because of the design requirements to produce ozone, the internal components of your Ozonics unit are not waterproof and should not get wet.  When properly used, your Ozonics should be set at a 30-degree downward angle, and the front grille facing downward.  This configuration will naturally minimize the amount of moisture entering your Ozonics unit.  But moisture can also be pulled into your Ozonics through the air intake opening on the bottom of your Ozonics.  When in doubt, it is best to put your Ozonics in a dry location.  Should your Ozonics become wet internally, do not operate it until it has thoroughly air-dried.

If wet conditions are unavoidable, here are few tips to help maximize your scent control.

  1. Take advantage of the power of the Ozonics DriWash bag to passively help eliminate the odor in your clothing prior to the hunt. The Ozonics DriWash Bag is an effective alternative to less efficient forms of other passive scent controls like scent control sprays, scent control detergents, and cover scents.
  2. If you can get into your stand before the moisture starts, run your Ozonics unit in the Kinetic Pack on the way there. Your Ozonics in conjunction with the Kinetic Pack can be there every minute and step of the hunt to help eliminate your odor.
  3. Once your up in the stand, set up your mounting system just in case the weather breaks. If the weather starts to clear it's an easy reach into your pack to get your Ozonics fired up and on the mounting system.

Taking these steps in wet conditions will help you put your best foot forward when the weather double crosses you.  As a portable ozone generator, even on a less than ideal day, your Ozonics can help create opportunities that would have otherwise been lost.



When it’s hot and humid, we sweat more, which means we stink more.  In the process of our bodies trying to cool themselves, we emit more odor.  On days like this, our scent control is as important as ever.

The Ozonics unit is perfect for these days when we smell like a sweat factory.  The most important thing to remember is that it is all about the setup in an open-air environment like a treestand.

  1. Height: Place your Ozonics unit 8-12 inches overhead.
  2. Direction: Exhaust the ozone in the downwind direction.
  3. Angle: Adjust the unit to a 30-degree angle downward.

If you are an extra sweaty person, you may consider adding a second Ozonics unit to your gear bag for those super-hot days.  For the average sweater, one Ozonics unit produces enough ozone.  But it is like they say: if one works well, then two must work even better!



There are two things on every hunt that we can’t control: the animals and the weather.  But with Ozonics, we can agree to disagree with the weather.  We don’t need its permission to powerfully effect change within our scent control regiment.

The next time we walk into the woods and try hunting the wind from that certain stand we know our Ozonics is there to help eliminate our odor.  No matter what the weather does or how the animals move that day, we can be assured we are putting our best foot forward with Ozonics.

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