Active Scent Control Versus Passive Scent Control | Ozonics Hunting

Passive scent control has been a well versed factor for whitetail hunters for a while now. The same goes for hunters chasing any species gifted with a great sense of smell. Nothing has really changed since this became another step or to do while deer hunting, until now. A new way of thinking about scent control and the products that make it so, will be transforming the game for whitetail hunters and managers. This new “Active scent control” goes beyond where passive scent control was limited, and creates application for deer hunters each and every day whether or hunting or not. Active scent control could change your entire approach to off season activities and your deer hunting on your property. So what is active scent control? Active scent control is just as it sounds, it is actively controlling your odor and scent. This is far more advantageous then passive scent control, it is actively altering and destroying human odor we constantly produce. Now with the new HR300 Ozonics Unit and the new Kinetic Pack, Ozonics can actively control human odor and scent on the move and in the stand or blind. For more information visit these resources.

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