How DriWash bag works

- To effectively "DriWash" your gear it's all about time, concentration, and surface area exposure.

- Time

- The HR300 with the DriWash bag uses a timed cycle just like on your washing machine, just the right amount of ozone for the right amount of time - no more - no less.

- Concentration

- Is made up of 3 factors

1- Ambient air: - The input of fresh ambient air is forced through the HR unit before entering through the back section of the top of the bag and begins to "pressurize" the bag.

2- Controlled airflow: - The DriWash bag creates a controlled environment by predetermining where the air is coming in and going out of the bag.

- By controlling the input and output of air your create airflow with the bag.

3- Ozone: - The ozone that enters through the top of the bag is pushed by the positive pressure of the fan to the bottom of the bag by a specially designed baffle system.

- Once it reached the bottom the "pressure" forces the ozone back up through your gear, clothing, etc. and vents out of the vent panel located on the front of the DriWash bag.

- By forcing the ozone back up through the bag circulation of the ozone is created.

- This circulation creates the optimum dispersion of the ozone with the bag as it rises.

- Surface Area Exposure

- This optimum dispersion of ozone is necessary because we know ozone cannot treat what it is not exposed too.

- This optimum dispersion allows more ozone to come in contact with the gear/clothing that is loosely hung in the bag which in turn eliminates more of the odor.

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