How Ozonics destroys odor

- Ozone’s ability to destroy, alter, and reduce human odor has been well documented, and it has been used in various industries for this purpose for more than 100 years.

- While an oxygen molecule (O2) is relatively stable, ozone (O3) is very unstable and seeks to revert to its more stable state as oxygen (O2). - As a result, ozone readily bonds with and reacts with other compounds, including human odor.

- When this oxidation process occurs, some compounds are completely destroyed and others are altered in such a way that different compounds are created.

- Animals might detect these new compounds, but they do not associate them with humans, and as a result, are not threatened.

- Ozonics patent-protected technology has shown that ozone can mitigate (destroy and alter) airborne odors at lower levels than previously understood, and that ozone can dramatically decrease the amount of human odor in your downwind scent zone (scent stream) when the two come in contact.

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