How to use a Thermacell & Ozonics

- Because ozone is a highly unstable molecule that attaches to whatever it contacts first, an Ozonics Unit might diminish the effectiveness of a ThermaCell if the ozone produced by the HR Unit first contacts the insect repellent molecules produced by the ThermaCell before it contacts human scent molecules.

- However, with the proper application, both can be used together:

- In a treestand: Position the ThermaCell upwind of your setup with the Ozonics Unit producing ozone on the downwind side of your setup.

- In a ground blind: Focus on the fact that the Ozonics is trying to treat the air leaving the blind and the ThermaCell is trying to treat the air inside the blind. With that said, position the ThermaCell upwind of the HR unit. Remember you are trying to create a situation where the Thermacell is creating a bug free area inside the blind where you are sitting. And the Ozonics is trying to eliminate your odor as it leaves the blind.

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