How to use DriWash bag

- First hang the DriWash bag up and loosely hang your clothes inside. - Then zip the front panel closed.

- Turn the HR300 unit on and cycle through the Mode setting by pressing the Mode button until the DriWash indicator illuminates.

- Place the HR300 unit with the fan pointing up in the docking station on the top of the DriWash bag so the output of the HR300 unit projects into the hole in the back of the slot.

- Secure the HR300 unit in the DriWash bag with included clip strap.

- The HR300 unit will run for approximately 10 minutes in the DriWash mode and then turn itself off.

- After the HR300 unit turns off open the DriWash bag and proceed to turn your clothes inside out and repeat the DriWash process.

- Treating both sides of your clothes is important because ozone can only treat what it comes in direct contact with. If you only treat one side of your clothes, your only doing half the job.

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