Is ozone safe?

- The U.S. government performs tests and develops safety standards for numerous materials/compounds—including ozone—and approves them as safe for human use.

- Every Ozonics device is built to meet all federal safety standards (OSHA, EPA, NIOSH) for the human consumption of ozone.

- A very small subset of humans are sensitive to ozone and may experience non-fatal symptoms such as watery eyes or lightheadedness in its presence.

- Federal standards recommend those with heart and lung conditions should not utilize ozone-generating products. It's always important to use Ozonics as directed in a well ventilated area.

- Unless seriously misused, Ozonics cannot produce enough ozone to be dangerous to human health.

- We care about your safety and are committed to providing you this powerful scent-eliminating technology in a way that's healthy for everyone.

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