Noise of HR units

- All Ozonics HR Units are designed to produce enough ozone to destroy human odor while operating in near silence.

- Each HR Unit utilizes an internal fan to pull oxygen (O2) into the HR Unit, convert it to ozone (O3), and direct it out the front of the HR Unit.

- The housing on both the HR-300 and HR-200 is designed to squelch noise produced by the internal fan. In short, the fan produces minimal noise and will not spook game, even in dead-calm conditions.

- When the unit is positioned 8-12 inches from your head, it may seem noisy at first and may take some time for hunters to adapt to the sound.

- However, it is not typically a factor at distances as close as ten yards. In the long run, an animal's best defense is its nose.

- The benefits of Ozonics scent elimination ultimately outweigh the low-volume white noise created by the device.

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