Ozonics HR200 quick start guide

What's in the box:

1 – HR-200 Unit

1 – Standard battery (up to 4 hrs in Boost mode and 5 hrs in standard mode)

1 – Single bay battery charger

1 – Charger power supply

1 – Charger power cord

1 – Mounting system for a treestand

1 – Mounting System for a hub style ground blind

1 – Quick start guide

- Remove the HR300 from the packaging and remove the battery. The battery has a label protecting the contacts, remove the label and discard.

- Remove the battery charger from the packaging and plug in.

- Place battery into battery charger and charger until the LED turns green.

- When battery is fully charged, remove the battery from charger and place into battery slo in HR200, making sure battery is fully inserted.

- Press Power button to turn HR200 on.

- The HR200 unit always starts in Standard Mode. Use the Mode button to change between Modes.

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