Ozonics HR500 vs HR230 quick rundown

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HR500 is up to 40% quieter than the OrionX when used in Boost mode.

HR500 is Blue tooth enabled for handsfree use with Ozonics App. Which allows you to control modes of output, monitor battery life, and check your local weather. The HR230 is not Bluetooth enabled.

HR500 is Remote compatible (sold separately). Use the Remote to increase ozone output at the press of a button. The Remote does not work with the HR230.

HR500 uses the new Smart Arm Mounting System and enhanced T-screw. The HR230 uses the original mounting system.

HR500 produces 45% more ozone than the HR230 on Boost and Standard mode. This gives you the ability to hunt certain situations that before would have exceeded the capability of one HR230 Unit, such as winds above 15 mph.

HR500 features the exclusive HYPERBOOST mode that provides up to 25% more ozone output compared to Boost mode for even greater ozone production. The HR230 does not have Hyperboost mode.

HR500 uses a different battery and charger than the HR230. The HR500 uses a Smart Battery and Smart Charger, meaning the battery and the charger “talk” to each other to maximize runtime, charge effectiveness, and overall battery life cycle. HR500 comes with an XL battery, doubling your runtime compared to the HR230 that comes with the Standard battery. This means you go from up to 4 hours of runtime in Boost mode to up to 8 hours.

HR500 has been ergonomically designed to be much easier to use in low-light and no-light situations and/or with gloved hands. Unit operation has been simplified by reducing the number of buttons and increasing their size and changing their shape. The battery is much easier and quieter to take out and put in, even with gloved hands.

For these reasons, the HR230 features low-glow LED utility lights, the HR500 does not.

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