Unboxing The Orion

Stay undetectable in the field with our most advanced scent elimination technology, the Ozonics Orion. The Orion-exclusive HyperBoost mode produces 25% more ozone than the HR300 to create even more opportunities in the field. The Orion is also completely complementary to the DRiWASH Bag and Kinetic Air system. Simply put, the Ozonics Orion is the best ozone generator for hunting on the market today.

Package Includes

- 1 Orion Unit

-1 XL battery (up to 10 hours in Standard mode, 8 hours in Boost mode and 6 hours in Hyperboost mode)

-1 Single bay battery charger

-1 Charger power supply

-1 Charger power cord

-1 Tree Mounting system

-1 Blind bracket mounting system

-1 EZMount receiver

-1 EZMount stud

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