What not to do's with Ozonics

- There is a right way and wrong way to use every tool, your Ozonics HR unit is no different.

- The HR unit's are not waterproof, don't use them in the rain.

- Don't just put the HR unit above your head in a treestand or blind and think that the HR unit will do the rest, it's all about the set up. You don't go to an archery shop and buy a new bow off the shelf and take it straight out into the woods. It needs to be set up properly. The same applies with your HR unit, set up is key.

- Don't leave your battery in the HR unit or charger during the off season.

- Don't store your batteries in the HR unit before and after your hunt. Leaving your batteries in the HR unit during transportation to and from the hunt runs yourself the risk of your HR unit accidentally getting turned on in a less than ideally ventilated area. Restricted ventilation and airflow for the HR unit can lead to damage.

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