Ozonics Reviews | Respect the Game TV “True Believer”

Larry McCoy with Respect the Game TV runs through an Ozonics review. In his opinion, “Ozonics is the new leader in scent control technology”. Ozonics is in the tree with Larry on every single hunt. It has been a key to his success on every single hunt and has saved countless hunts where without Ozonics, the wind would have ended them.

With the new technology behind Ozonics such as the HR-300 unit, the DriWash Bag, and the Kinetic Pack, Ozonics can now be with you on the go or in the tree. The DriWash bag, in combination with the HR-300 unit literally “washes” your clothes in scent eliminating ozone to add the final nail in the coffin to whatever prey species you chase.

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