Ozonics Scent Eliminator Mounting System Extension Arm

Ozonics Scent Eliminator Mounting System Extension Arm


The Ozonics HR Mount Extension Arm brings your Ozonics™ unit further away from the tree. This makes it easier than ever to maneuver your Ozonics™ in order to direct ozone downwind, especially out around the tree. The HR Mount Extension Arm works with any standard Ozonics™ Mounting System as well as Ozonics™ EZ Mount. Use the HR Mount Extension Arm to help provide greater flexibility when positioning your Ozonics™ Unit to deliver maximum ozone into your scent zone.

Disclaimer: Mounting system and the Smart Arm are not included with the Extension Arm.

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Customer Reviews

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Duane Wolfe
Shouldn't have waited so long to buy it.

The Extension Arm allows me to better position the unit for varying wind directions, stand set up, and the type of trees that I am in. It has made getting the unit into the best possible position for scent elimination so much easier and more effective. My only regret is I took this long to order, not one, but two, Extention Arms.

Andy E.
Extension arm

Works awesome to extend your units reach!!!!

Tommy M.
Waiting on hunting season

Since I purchased this in early spring I am waiting on hunting season to be able to actually use it. It looks well made from steel tubing so I'm sure it will do just fine