Success Stories

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Ozonics works. Need proof? You could study the proven science behind ozone and its powerful ability to bond to molecules and destroy human scent. Or you can listen to the undeniable success stories that thousands of hunters just like yourself have had with Ozonics. No other scent management solution lets you get closer and stay undetectable for longer. Whether you're a pro or a weekend warrior, Ozonics gives you the opportunities you thought were the stuff of legend. The proof is in the pictures. Submit your own success story below.

  • Jason Dodson

    I bought a Wild games Zero Trace (2) years ago now. I hunt a private farm that is highly managed and these deer are lets say not pressured and in my opinion are more skittish than most on human scent. I was getting busted every time I used the Zero Trace, sometimes when I did not have it I would not get busted which I found odd. However, I bought an Ozonics not 3 weeks ago. I went in got set up perfect for a west wind. I was in the pines which I can not hear anything and I had the Ozonics pointed directly west behind me. A 150" Whitetail snuck up on me and ended up under my stand dead downwind. I shot him at 30 yards and the rest is history. I am a manufacturer so anything that actually works and have people that stand behind it are good in my book. Thanks guys and hope to have more success in the future!
  • Doug Wood

    I hunted last year with a man who used the Ozonics. I questioned how it worked but did my research. I decided to buy the Orion unit over the summer of 2020. LONG STORY SHORT, I hunted over 50 times during the 2020 season and NEVER NOT ONCE was smelled by a deer. Not once did I hear a snort and see the white flag. I also believe in cleaning my cloths as well which ads to the effect. I had multiple opportunities at bucks in the 2020 season but was able to harvest a great 9 point and a 12 point. I love my Ozonics and will not go into my stand without it. Save up do what ever you can but if you are a whitetail junkie like me it CAN ONLY HELP YOU HARVEST A GREAT BUCK.
  • Chris Thomas

    I was getting several pictures of a good Georgia buck before season came in. So when the opening week of season came in I decided to take my little 8 year old boy, Tucker, to see if we could get it done. He loves hunting as much as I do. I had just bought the new Ozonics Orion and wanted to give it a try. It was hot and the Ozonics worked like a charm!
  • Nicholas Chahinie

    This deer was killed October 29, 2021, on my 5 acre property. This was during the seek and chase period pre-rut. This deer was herding 4 doe before he was killed. Shot with my bow at 18 yards. He had two knocked out front teeth and a jab in his neck from fighting other deer. The king of the woods in my area.
  • Westin Allen

    This is only the second deer that I have taken as I am new to hunting. I cannot imagine what it would be like to hunt without Ozonics. I have had many deer walk downwind of my stand before I finally got the opportunity for this one. Thanks Ozonics!
  • Katie Allen

    He walked out downwind at 60 yards. I'm so glad I had my Ozonics. As my dad always says, "He didn't smell a stinkin' thing with Ozonics!" Thanks for helping me get my biggest buck yet!