Ozonics Testimonials

Don’t believe Ozonics is the best in scent control? Watch testimonials from real Ozonics customers and hunting industry insiders explaining the value of Ozonics and why it’s worth the investment.
Alaska Yukon moose hunt with Mike Carney of Bowhunter TV
Where hunters rank Ozonics in their gear
The Value of Ozonics
Skeptical about Ozonics, listen to this!
Is Ozonics worth the investment?
The Truth About Ozonics
Bill Winke Leans on Ozonics to Kill a Monster Iowa Buck
Ozonics | The Coffman Buck Teaser
New Mexico elk hunt with Intense Trophy Hunting
Gabe Adair's 222" Whitetail
Gabe Adair's Monster 222" Whitetail

Ozonics Tech Tips

The Ozonics team has created videos on every aspect of using your Ozonics product. From unboxing to mounting and setup, visit our tech tips section to get the best out of your purchase.
Ozonics HR500 Unboxing
Ozonics HR500 remote
Ozonics HR500 App
Ozonics HR500 quick start guide
Differences between Ozonics HR500 vs OrionX
Ozonics OrionX Unboxing
Smart Arm Mounting System
Difference between Ozonics HR300 vs OrionX
Important things to remember when using Ozonics
How To Set Up Ozonics In a Blind | Ozonics Hunting
How To Set Up Ozonics In The Tree Stand | Ozonics Hunting
Introducing Ozonics Pulse Xpress

Ozonics Tutorials

The Ozonics team is made up of avid hunters who have years of experience in the field. Visit our tutorial section to learn more about how ozone works and how to use it to optimize your performance in the field.
Turn marginal winds into KILLERWINDS
How to hunt small acres all season
Maximize Every Opportunity with Ozonics
Start to think differently about how you set treestands for deer hunting
Ozonics is changing the password of your odor
Explore the idea of hunting the "Right Way"
What is hunting success worth to you
Why do we do what we do when it comes to scent control
Passive and Active scent control
Why it's important to keep your Ozonics running the entire hunt
Elk hunting with Ozonics
Bear hunting with Ozonics

Partner Reviews

Ozonics is backed by some of the biggest names in the hunting industry. Visit our partner reviews section to hear directly from the experts why Ozonics is the best scent eliminator on the market.
Respect the Game HR500 Review
Bone Maniacs HR500 Review
Canadian Whitetail HR500 Review
Team 200 HR500 Review
Will Primos HR500 Review