HR300 Essentials Pack

HR300 Essentials Pack

Ozonics Discount Value Pack

Bundle and SAVE $270!

The HR300 Essentials Pack provides you with all the essentials you need for a successful all-day hunt. The HR300 Essentials Pack includes:

  • HR300 scent elimination unit ($419.99 value)
  • SG-BA03XL extended life battery ($149.99 value)
  • SG-MD03 Smart Arm mounting system ($79.99 value)
  • SG-BAG2 carry bag ($49.99 value)
  • SG-SLV03 neoprene skin ($19.99 value)
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Customer Reviews

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James Eddy
Very impressive

Had deer directly down wind 20 yards. They kept putting there noses up and sniffing. Yet they never blew out. In fact they seemed intrigued by it trying to follow where the ozone smell was coming from. I am from Michigan, our deer to say the least are on edge most days. At this point, time will tell on the longevity of the product and if I would buy it again. Currently this device does give you an advantage and I am not disappointed.

Michael Flowers

I’m very impressed
with my ozonics it