HR500 Pro Pack

HR500 Pro Pack

Ozonics Discount Value Pack

Bundle and SAVE $470!

The HR500 Pro Pack contains everything serious hunters need to maximize their opportunities and create new ones. The HR500 Pro Pack includes:

  • HR500 scent elimination unit ($599.99 value)
  • An additional SG-BA03XL extended life battery ($149.99 value)
  • CS-DW01 DRiWASH bag ($139.99 value)
  • OZ-REMOTEP remote control ($79.99 value)
  • MICRO3 car ozone generator ($49.99 value)
  • SG-BAG2 carry bag ($49.99 value)
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Customer Reviews

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For nearly $700 in this equipment, I wish I could give this 5 stars, but imo this hunting tool isn't very realistic to use in every hunt.
My beef is that I hunt in multiple locations and setups, depending on the weather (climbers, stands & ground blinds). For you to utilize this for your hunt, you need to have the hardware set up ahead of time at the location you are going to hunt. That means multiple attachments need to be purchased for each location. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time setting up before actually hunting. I was never able to figure out how to attach it within my ground blinds and finally gave up.
So, my 4 star review is because I have essentially relegated this purchase for scent-killing my hunting clothes only. The bag is great for stowing the clothes and letting the ozonics do its work. It definitely kills the scent.

Great service!

Thank You for the very fast and Friendly Service!

Doug Short
Pro pack

I reaally like the system. Able to hang clothes and do the wash mode is awesome.