HR500 Triple Threat

HR500 Triple Threat

Ozonics Discount Value Pack

Bundle and SAVE $350!

The Triple Threat includes the versatile, app-enabled HR500 with Smart Arm Mounting System, our popular HR300, and the Micro3 car ozone generator for use in your vehicle, truck, or RV. Triple your odds of success with the New Ozonics Triple Threat. The Triple Threat includes:

  • HR500 scent elimination unit ($599.99 value)
  • HR300 scent elimination unit ($419.99 value)
  • MICRO3 car ozone generator ($49.99 value)
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Customer Reviews

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Brenda J.

I can't hunt my favorite stand in a north wind, now I can! I have yet had a deer wind me since I bought Ozonics 3 years ago.

Steve S.
Don't leave home without it!!

I've had a HR200 for years. It's still working but, thought it was time to upgrade and get a new one. The combo was prefect as I'd talked another buddy into getting an ozonics. He is just learning how to use it but, I know someday he'll be grateful I talked him into buying one.

Christopher K.
They are super quiet and

They are super quiet and the vehicle ozones help keep the vehicle's odor free