HR300/Orion/OrionX/HR500 Standard Battery

Sale price$79.99

The HR300/OrionX/Orion Smart Battery lasts up to 5 hours in standard mode and up to 4 hours in Boost mode. Lasts up to 3 hours in Hyperboost mode (Orion models only). A fully depleted Smart Battery takes 2-3 hours to charge. Smart battery technology relays information to the Ozonics Unit to maximize run time based on usage conditions and promotes increased battery life. Takes approximately 2-3 hours to charge, and is for use with Ozonics HR300 / Orion / OrionX / HR500, and Orion units only. Shipping State: Battery is shipped in a partially charged state. Before first use, fully charge it using the Ozonics Smart charger a minimum of 3 hours for optimal battery performance.

Product Features

Perfect for removing unwanted odors from your car, truck, RV, Boat, or UTV. The powerful Micro3 safely produces ozone molecules that aggressively sanitize your vehicle’s interior and surfaces by attacking bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more.

To use, simply plug into your cigarette lighter in an unoccupied vehicle and let it run. 

  • The Micro3 will automatically shut off after 20 minutes of operation.
  • To run a second cycle, simply unplug and re-insert into the lighter.
  • Green LED light indicates when it is in operation. 



2” W X 4” L X 1.75” H


2.2 Ounces

Power Source

Vehicle 12 V Auxiliary Power Outlet

Run Time

Twenty minutes per cycle

Auto shut off

Micro3 Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
donald G.
Replacement part

Great customer service. The way it should be everywhere. Thanks!

Don W.
So far it’s great

My battery was resurrected from the grave my your techs at Ozonics. I’ve only used it once but it was as good as new as far as I could tell.

Sean Prokasy
New battery works but the

New battery works but the power button on my ozonics does not. Can’t turn it on. Hunted with it in the rain and every since then it stoped working. Was hoping it was the battery. Now I have a working battery with nothing to use it with

Craig C.
Repair Request

This was sent back to Ozonics, along with my Ozonics 300, another XL batteries and two regular batteries. As always, Ozonics was quick and responsive. Unfortunately, I was not told what the problem was, but one of the XL' batteries works and the other does not.

Rich S.
Battery backup

Great backup to have

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