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Step up your game with the OrionX.

  • The OrionX combines all of the industry-leading active scent control technology found in the original Orion with the versatility of the Smart Arm Mounting System.
  • The included XL Battery offers double the battery life when compared to the HR300.
  • Features Hyperboost that when activated, produces approximately 25% more ozone for times when you want more ozone production to overcome environmental conditions or to provide an added sense of security during peak animal activity. 

Ozonics OrionX

Product Features

  • Superior Performance and ease of use with Smart Arm Mounting System and enhanced T-screw.
  • Double the Battery Life with XL battery included
  • Enhanced odor-destroying output: an additional 25% more ozone output when using exclusive Hyperboost mode
  • Rubber overmold design for noise dampening and better grip when handling during set up and take down
  • Enhanced user interface: Intuitive easy-to-understand functions for easy use with gloves and in the dark
  • Integrated Pulse Technology: Balances time and oxidant concentration to ensure the proper amount is deployed to deodorize your gear in conjunction with the DRiWASH bag--never too much and never too little
  • Integrated EZ Mount technology for quick and silent mounting

Included with the OrionX

  • OrionX Unit
  • XL battery (up to 10 hours in Standard mode, 8 hours in Boost mode and 6 hours in Hyperboost mode)
  • Single Bay Battery Charger
  • Charger Power Supply
  • Charger Power Cord
  • Smart Arm Mounting System
  • Rubber Overmolded T-Screw
  • EZ Mount Receiver



7” W x 2.5” H x 6.5” L


1 lb. 1 oz.

Batteries & Chargers

XL Battery lasts up to 10 hours in standard mode, up to 8 hours in Boost mode and up to 6 hours in Hyperboost mode. A fully depleted XL Battery takes 4-5 hours to charge.

Works With


Kinetic Back Pack

Ozonics O.N.E. Gear Locker

All Ozonics HR300/Orion Accessories and Mounting Accessories

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HR500 Sale price$599.99
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Pulse Technology

DriWash Mode


App Capable

Remote Compatible

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Unboxing The OrionX

Customer Reviews

Based on 350 reviews
Kaleb G.
Fooled a Doe with Her Fawn Directly Downwind!

One of my first hunts of my 2021 season I had a doe and fawn coming in upwind of me. The doe caught my buddy moving in the tree and changed her path to the downwind side of our tree. I have seen ozonics work but never had I seen a doe with her yearling spot us in our tree, circle downwind, and not get blown at. The doe went back to feeding on woody browse and worked off. True believer that this unit can fool deer when used properly!

Jeffrey Donathan
Everything seems great and working

Everything seems great and working fine, it was a Christmas present from my wife so I haven't had a chance to use it in the field yet.

Robert Ehlers
Love it! Won't hunt without

Love it! Won't hunt without it

Nathan L.
After receiving my 2nd OrionX

After receiving my 2nd OrionX it was to late to get a replacement for my 1st one. I got my 2nd one because I thought the 1st one had quit one me. I found out that it never did work. I had never used one before and being it was 'silent ' I never felt air coming from it but I could see something slightly glowing in it and thought it was working. Now that I have this one, I am satisfied so far.

Elwood M.
Good upgrade

I purchased my first Ozonics generator in 2009 and it served me well with many happy memories along the way. This past season it started making noises and would stop for short periods of time. After the season I decided to purchase a new one. The new generator puts out more ozone than my original one and is much better engineered. I did notice it is louder than my old one so I hope the critters I hunt don't mind.
The rubberized housing and the improved mounting system are terriffic upgrades.