O.N.E. Gear Locker

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The O.N.E. (Ozone Neutral Environment) Gear Locker is the ultimate tool for pre-treating your hunting gear with the power of an Ozonics Unit.  The O.N.E Gear Locker is designed to safely and effectively deodorize and sanitize your hunting clothes, gear, and equipment, removing unwanted odors and surface pathogens. 

The O.N.E. Gear Locker is the ultimate solution for scent elimination in the field. With its advanced technology, ample storage space, and durable design, it's the perfect accessory for any serious hunter.


Ozonics Unit sold separately. Does not qualify for free shipping.

Product Features

The ultimate solution for scent elimination in the field! This innovative product is designed specifically for hunters who want to stay undetected in the field and increase their chances of success.

The locker is large enough to hold all of your hunting gear, including clothing, boots, backpack, and other accessories.


O.N.E. Gear Locker


70" H X 46.5" W X 29" D


30 lbs.



Works With






O.N.E. Locker

Customer Reviews

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Scott C.
O.N.E. Gear Locker

'Very happy with this piece of gear. 'So much more room than the dri wash bag.... I'd definitely purchase again!

Rob Stark
Plastic pipe fitter came cracked. Corner of the closet was ripped.

The closet came damaged. The plastic pipe fitter was cracked. And the corner of the closet was ripped. See photos.

Rich S.
All in one

A great tool for controlling your scent, easy to set up, great amount of space and effective

Laden F.
The PERFECT Passive Ozone Solution!!!

The ONE Gear Locker has been a great addition to my hunting room. I have it sitting just inside the door, where I can easily pull and place my apparel and gear as I come and go from the woods for passive ozone treatment. The ONE will be a part of my closet as long as they are available and haven't been replaced by a better Ozonics solution.


Ben W.
Must Have

I love the larger area to keep my hunting gear and run the ozonics on all of it at the same time.

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